I found some old game prototypes I worked on, which were really projects I created while developing a hobby game engine.

Reaper Squadron

I had high hopes for this one, I wanted a game where I could fly Spitfires in space (Like in that Dr Who episode). It was really hard getting the plane to feel right while flying, eventually I found a balance and it started feeling right, but I abandoned it for reasons I can’t remember now.


I’ve made a few Tempest style games, one for the PS2 in university. I quite enjoyed this one demo, but really tempest 2000 is near perfection anyway. The big thing of this game was how good and bad my engine was. It was really fast for me to get something up and running, but engine modifications were proving to be a pain in the arse.

Framework Hell

These prototypes were fun, but ultimately made me fall out with a full object orientated style. I had entered framework hell. It was painfully hard to make changes in the core. It also made it abundently clear that scripting languages are such a pain to embed and a joy to use. My next project will certainly build on these lessons. I’ve put up the code on Github here and here for the curious.

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