These are a bunch of projects I’ve worked on professionally and in my spare time.

Moshi Monsters

I worked on this as a programmer for Tag Games.


I was a programmer/designer on this when I worked at Space Budgie. Originally from an early prototype 'LocalSpace' we went on to make this a larger game.

Virtual Textures

I did virtual texturing for my hons project, a system that dynamically loads in the require textures as they are required. I generate random textures on the fly to simulate texture loading.

Bike Racer

This is a hobby / uni project I've been working on. This is a game I've been working on to use on the Oculus Rift, but adapted it to run in stereoscopic 3D for a university assignment.

Cupid’s Alley

So a few of us decided to jump into the Global Game Jam 2013, Our Uni (Abertay) was one of the venues in Scotland. The theme was a heart beat, after a few different ideas we settled on the idea of Cupid going on a bloody rampage, I think this is what happens when you are sleep deprived.

Free Form Deformation

This was fun, we had to create a Free Form Deformation application for our Maths module at Uni. I also got an opportunity to try my extrude rotate and scale skills in Blender 3D

I made this in Unity3D, mostly following the paper by Sederberg and Parry.

Local Space

Local Space was a personal project of mine, about making a cyberspace game where you can program the effects of the gun, this was a simple little proof of concept I was working on.


We were privileged enough to be able to take part in Dare to be Digital 2012. 9 weeks of game development followed by a weekend showcase.


As part of our 3rd year in Uni, we had todo a group project. This was mainly an exercise in working with other disciplines and clients. A small group of us wanted to create our own game rather than pick from a selection of pre-produced briefs, so we pitched the game idea to the school, and managed to pickup some artists and audio people which we needed otherwise programmer art would have been a feature of our game. A wee clip of one of the levels.

Terrain Generation

This was an experiment of making procedural terrains using the faultline method.

DeadEnd Inc

My first time into the LD I was a little worried about it, not really the long hours coding, but could I make a game in 48 hours? Well in the end yes I could (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this and deny I ever took part in it.) and this was entry here.

I was using Gosu and C++, C++ maybe not the best choice for this but I was keen to improve my C++ so it was a good in that regard. When I got my prototype up and running I was very revealed.

Sudoku Solver

My first year coursework for the C++ module was to make a game of Sudoku, and optionally a solver. I chose to add the solver it was quite cool really, it uses a stack and brute-forces the answer.

Falling Blocks

I did this for a little bit of fun on the train to and from Uni.

Vector Wars

I love Geometry Wars, its has incredibly simple game play. I really love simple to play hard to master games. This was my first attempt at making a game. My first shot at getting the basics working. Essentially getting the the rotate, scale, translate concepts down pat.